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For over 15 years, Bissell Centre has provided casual labour workers job placements in job sites across the Greater Edmonton area.

Sadly, Bissell Centre’s Casual Labour program is ending on June 30th. While we’re sad to lose this vital program, we are happy to be offering a new robust training program for Bissell Centre Participants called Workforce Development. This new program is a comprehensive life skills training program to help individuals lay a firm foundation before entering the workforce. This is a holistic approach that ensures individuals are given the tools and supports they need to be successful as they reenter the workforce.

Do not worry, another non-profit organization in Edmonton is continuing to offer casual labour services that support the community and give you access to the quality workers you need to complete your projects. On-Site Placement is happily taking the torch and we are excited to partner with them to ensure a seamless transition for both our employer and participant partners. They will be able to support you with all of your casual labour needs! Bissell Centre participants are being supported to access casual labour opportunities via the new On-Site Placement program. Bissell is hosting several registration clinics in partnership with OSP to support our participants through the transition

While this may be the end of our casual labour relationship, for now, there is the opportunity to become a Workforce Development employer! Over the coming months, we’ll be looking for employers willing to offer 12 weeks job placements at a subsidized rate If this is something you may be interested in please contact Vishal at 780-424-4385 or vprasad@bissellcentre.org for more information!


We offer labour support to a variety of sectors


Job placements in construction


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Moving Services

Job placements in Food Services

Food Services

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Women cleaning a ledge doing janitorial work

Janitorial Services

Job placements in Warehousing


We average 10,000 job placements every year


We’re easy to work with



We can respond quickly to your labour needs with access to a pool of motivated candidates.


When you hire workers through Bissell Workforce you are supporting the local economy


Job Readiness is paramount. If you are unhappy with a worker for any reason, notify us immediately.


Our workers are eligible for skill enhancement training in order to obtain a variety of safety tickets when required.


Workers are briefed prior to placement and provided Personal Protective Equipment to do the job safely.