Workforce Development Program

This program begins with a 14-week in-class training program, where workers develop the skills and attitudes required to be successful team members at your workplace.

Our workers come out of training ready for long-term employment with supportive local businesses.

Why Hire Workforce Development Workers?

So far H.C’s been a treat to have around. We’re slowly acclimating him to construction (7:00 start comes pretty early in the morning when you’re not used to it), but there’s no signs of him being unable or unwilling to get there. He’s been ambitious & curious, both of which are excellent qualities in persons we would like to keep for the long haul; and he’s learning/adjusting from said curiosities, which is fantastic to see as well.

-Pagnotta Site Superintendent

Our workers are ready to work in various industries:

Construction workers framing a building


Janitorial supplies


Food Services

Woman working on computer in suit jacket in an office


Woman (cut off at neck) holiding a mop with janatorial supplies on the floor beside her



Each cohort consists of 10+ ready and willing workers.

We’re easy to work with!


Workers are available 5 days a week and ready for a long-term employment commitment.


Our workers are eligible for skill enhancement training in order to obtain a variety of safety tickets when required and are provided with the required PPE.


Workers have spent weeks in the classroom developing hard and soft skills to be successful in the workforce. Many were previously trained and come with work experience, but have worked through barriers to employment.

When you hire workers through Bissell Workforce you are supporting the local economy and helping Edmontonians move out of poverty. These workers are supported by wrap-around services to ensure their success – and yours!