How long does it take to find a suitable worker?

Depending on the job and distance to the site, workers can be on-site 60-90 minutes after contacting Bissell Centre, weather permitting.

What hours apply when hiring workers?

Our workers are available any day as long as Alberta Labour regulations are followed for shift work and holidays.

I’m not able to pick up the employee, are they able to come directly to the job site?

We offer bus tickets to workers when necessary, allowing travel within Edmonton, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park. If the start time is affected by this, we can work with you, the employer, to coordinate picking workers up at Bissell Centre or at a prearranged meeting point.

For job sites in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Leduc – Nisku, or farms in the surrounding areas, employers must be willing to pick the workers up.

Bissell Workforce may be able to assist with the transportation of groups of workers, but this is not guaranteed.

What if I have questions or concerns on the day of the job?

We have staff on call during working hours if there are any questions or concerns about our workers.

For more information about Bissell Workforce or to hire workers, please contact us at 780.424.4385 or

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