Step 1 – Employer calls Bissell’s Employment Services Program.

We’ll ask you questions about how many workers you need, what type of work you need to get done, and the location and duration of the job. Jobs must be a minimum of four hours.

Step 2 – Bissell supplies payment details and options to the employer.

Workers are paid at the end of their shift by cash or by direct billing to Bissell, who in turn pay the employee.

Step 3 – Employers are emailed a work order.

The work order outlines the details of the job that is to take place. As our workers are covered by the Workers Compensation Board, insurance only covers what’s on the work order.

Once received, employers are welcome to update work orders if they’d like to extend the length of time or bring a worker to another job site.

Step 4 – Bissell enlists a suitable worker for the job.

Workers are sent to job sites “work ready” – they are briefed prior to placement and provided personal protective equipment (when needed) and a bagged lunch.

Our workers are provided opportunities to get safety tickets and training through our Employment Services Program. When it’s a factor, only those with the right certifications are sent to a job site.

Step 5 – First day on the job

On the day of the job, employers are expected to pick up workers from Bissell Centre or a prearranged meeting point. To learn more about transportation options, please visit our frequently asked questions.

Step 6 – Shift wrap up

At the end of the worker’s shift, payment is given to the worker unless alternate arrangements were made and the worker is driven back to Bissell Centre or the prearranged meeting point.

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