Century 21“We have used the Bissell Workforce services at the Bissell Centre for over 5 years. They have a wonderful flexible system that accommodates the changing staffing needs for companies like mine. We enjoy getting to meet and work with each of the people/workers that they provide. We feel that this is one of those great win-wins in business.”

John D. Stobbe,
Century 21 – Platinum Realty

“I was first introduced to the Bissell Centre Employment Services when I started with The Bon Ton Bakery twelve years ago by the current owner Hilton Dinner. We have used the services as needed to help with dishwashing, general cleaning of the bakery, and packaging of baked goods. As a result, we built some great relationships with some of the temporary workers over the years and have used many of them multiple times to the extent that we have also hired some permanently.

It brings us great joy every so often when we are serving a customer and they say “Remember me? I cleaned dishes here five years ago!” and it’s always a positive interaction. This program has helped us fill the gaps in order for us to maintain our business to the standard that we need to be.”

Gerry Semler
Bon Ton Bakery

“Working with the Bissell Centre’s general labourer department has been a wonderful experience. The team that sends out workers are very accommodating and understanding. They ensure the workers are ready and willing to work various of hours with a professional attitude. With Bissell Centre’s resources, I have outstanding full-time workers that bring a variety of knowledge, experience, and openness to new projects at the work site.

Thank you Bissell Centre for all you have done for me.”

Aj L.
Kiara Group Construction & Hoomi Built Limited

“It’s a wonderful day when I can get help from the workers at the Edmonton Bissell Centre.

I first started employing workers from Bissell employment services in November 2012. I had a few projects that were too difficult for me to handle on my own and I required extra muscle to get the job done.

I found most all the time that the workers really want to show me how well they can perform. The staff and the workers treat me like gold. It’s a win-win for us all. It brings joy to my heart when I can stop by the Bissell and enhance with working to end poverty.

I have also had the pleasure to attend Sunday morning church services with the workers.

Highest and best regards to the workers and staff at the Bissell!”

Gino G. Maio
J. Mason & Sons